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SPECIAL CATENE  is a young  company  born in 1995 with a long acquired experience from the mother company T.G of Perego S.a.s  that has always worked only and exclusively in the field of the industrial chains acquiring a great matured experience since 1969.
In 1999 the SPECIAL CATENE has begun to move the first steps to international level initially by participating toTurkish Gocsan Endustriyel, (manufacturer of industrial chains from 1975 with known the Aysan brand on a national level and of the Asian countries).

In  2002 has arrived  to its total acquisition with consequent change of the corporate name in Scaysan Zincir Endustriel.
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The purpose is to increase various export towards those countries with very different culture and mentality.
For this reason in the 2004 has created a new productive line in Palazzago (BG) dedicated to the assembling, to finishing, to coupling of special chains which is requested frequently.

Between the several equipments there are two special tables completely computerized for the measurement, the preloading and the running-in of the chains. With the experience obtained by years in this sector we have the opportunity to produce these chains also in very small tolerances.

Every chain at the end of the test comes to be correlated by a relative certificate in which all the results of the tests are declareted (lengthenings evidenced according to the calculated weight).

Our production of quality chains does not comprise only the realization of special chains on customer design, in which the SPECIAL CATENE SRL is specialized, but also:

  • Transmission chains with different types of rollers
  • All types of Leaf chains till pitch 150 mm
  • Agricultural chains
  • Transmission chains with rubber
  • Sharp top chains
  • Zinc and Nickel plated chain with or without attachment and with extend pin
  • All types of Stainless steel chains
  • Scrapper chains
  • Acumulator chains
  • Heavy conveyor chains